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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  February 22, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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they then learned... a car had been torched... and the bodies oo tto people were fouud nssde. herees a look at the scene we found.... an lley cordoned silvee nissan s-u-v. police even thh license plates were covered. a disturbing 3 up to. 3 10:31:32 it was just a shock &pbutt bite10:32:16 it's really area it's the people livingg out of the area. 3 the call initially came inn around 5 ttis mornnng.toniiht homicideedetectives are stiil lepolaafox 45 news att5:30. 3 3another blowwfor baltmore &&pcity's beleagured police & academy. in a story we just - broke on ww've learned the man appoonted to take over thh traaning facility is retiring. majoo oe smith was pickkd to
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clean-up the academy after a cadet was shot in the head - during aabotcheddtraining exercise earlier this month. smith's ddparture omes less than a week after poliie commissioner anthony baats & chose hhm to hell get the & aaadeey back on track. also learned today that tte officer -3 who was crrtically injured in the training academy accident has been released from the hospital. police are invvssigating a murddr in weet balttmorr. 3 we were on the sceneeabout - 8-15 last night at thh corner & f fremont and bennett place in harlee park.police say a maa was shot ii the chest sevvral times... in fronn of a grocery word n a suspect or mmtive. & 3 frederick ccunty's.... op prosecutor... is promising... an... investigation.../ after a man... with down syndrome... dies... in poliie custody. happened last month,.../ when... 26-year-ood robert... sailorr.. went to see aa cinema.../. after ...the movie ended,... sailor... wanted tt watth it again... &pbut... didn't purchase a new ticket...//. a mannger ...askee him to leave but he
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reffsed.. / phat's when....3... shheiff's - deputies forcibll emoved him..- 3 "again, this is oing by witness accounts, very respectful,,get under his - arms, lift him from the seat. walk him over tootte egress area froo the theater. at some point, hey andcuffed him and - escorted him out.""- out." 3 acccrding to he sherrif's office,... pailor ...fell on tte floor... while handcufffd.. / and died of aappyxiation... on the way to hoopital...//.theemedical - examiner... ruled hhs death... -3 a hhmicide.../. the... 3 suspended... with pay..- 3 juut a over an hour ago...a -3 downtown baltimooe llwfirm 3 against johnss opkinn in the case oo dootoo nikita levy.& levy, coomitted suicide mooday after being accused of secretly photographingghii patients.. -3 patients..janice parr iss ptreaming live in downtown baltimore,,wwth new 3 people are involved in thii & lawsuit. jannce? & 3 dr. levv wws found dead monday. drr levy was foondd
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3 dr. levy wassfoundddead monday..investigators say he puffocated himself, by putting a pllstic ag over his heed and filling it withhhelium. pynocclogist ith hopkins for more than 0 ears. 3- 3 than 22 years.hopkins or more gynocologist with hhlium. filling it with hisshead and a putting he uffocated invessigators say dead monday. &pdr. levy was found dr. levy was fouud deaa mondayy investigators say e suffocated himself, by putting a ppastii bag ovee his head aad filllng it with heliumm&pgynocologist with hopkins for more than 20 years.
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3 a... teacher... is & chargedd.. witt sexually & montgomery ccunty... elementary chool. tiiothy... kru-pica... is a ssxthhgrade teacher ...meadow hall elementary school in rockville...///.police say... two... 11-year-old girls... ttem... inappropriately... oo & ssveral occassions../ . beginning in september...///. kru-pica... -&&ppas taught at the school... since august 2009.../ -3&p . he's currently on administrative leave. 3 a man who claimed he waa heeping animals is chhrgedd with harming thee. and 3 neighborhood is still trying tt recover. jeef abell -&pshows s whattofficerss 3 the suspect claaied he waa rescuing dogs.... he even operated the baltimore aniiall escue network.... but officers say the dogs e allegedly rescued ere living
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inncondiiions that weeeeboth dangerous and deadly. 3 pollce found them in the basement of a parkville home last month.... 23- &pdogs....mostly ppppies....were -3 crowded into ddrty caggs....anddfar out of the & reach oo food and aaer. inveetigators elieve 29-year old anthony geer was obtainnng the ogs from othhr sheeters.....and attemmting to he's charged with 23-counts of pxclusive interview this - afternoonn theewoman who was & renting tte home to ggee describes the moment she discovered the stench....during aaspootcchek oo the home. 3 3 (10:33:52) "as soon as i come downnthe steps i could & see all the puupies. fiveein one caage. tto or three dogs - in cages togetter.. tte food and water was outside the they looked like they had been sitting in uuine and feces...." ,3 &p3 three of the puppies were in such bad conditton they hhddto be euthaniied. annhonn geer issevicted from the home....and has posted a 30--- phousand dollarrbood...and is out of ail. jeff abell, - fox 45, news att5:30.
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anne arundellcounty officialy has a new ounty executivv. laura neuman had been oward counny's economic development 3 p3 "cllaping" 3 surrounddd by family, friends and plenty of other & politicians, laura neuman beginssa new day and new career at anne arundel county executive. she is rrplacing jjhn leopold who resignnd ffund ggilly f misconnuct in public confidence in the post. under the new leadership, chhnge.: 3 (laura neuman)"we need to make a determination and ssessmeet of wwats worked and not workee in tte llst administrrtion.... hire some great folls wheree neeeed... and really sttive towards excellence in the county" county" 3 neumaa has been a resident of anne arundel county for 21 yeear. - 3 it's... not ...every day ...youu ake up aamillioairr---/ but... for... one... - mount airy woman... that dream
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ccme true. trueenowwmore ppeple are buying up tickets t the ssell gas statton whhre she struck explains--- the woman hassnot iientified herselffand maybe never will---but people are following her lead. lead. 3((nnt sound up))
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3 3 pow are the roads looking tonight? tonight?brandi proctor has our traffic edge report. & report. 3 mapgreennpringbat natl pikemap
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3 shawan399map - the maryllnd antique show is underway... in timonium. 3&pouu vvry own jennifer gilbert morning. the show brings ttgether some offtte best country....ii's taking place pall weeeend at thh crown pllza in imoniiu.....and benefitt pammlyyanddchildrens services of central maryyand..- 3 coming up..... -&pcancer. p3 how aaformer n-f-l player is leading theecharge. 3 walmart selling out of guns... the nee restrictioos to help deal with high deeand. 3 3& and an unusual sight in mmssouri... hat maaes this lightning show... so rare.
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3 walmart 3 says tte emand for guns ii so high it's having rouble keeping them innstock. guns and ammunition - haae beee flying oof storee shelves since the president's push for stricter gun laws. -3 p arlier this monnh wal-mart hhd to start demandd customerr 3 pmmo aa ay ....but there is no limit on the aaount of guns phey can buy. -&p3 the residenns off springfield, missouri facinn - something yyu don't ee everyday..... "thundersseee". -3 tte unusual weather condition ii bbanketing the arra with thunder and lightning.... as wwel as
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sleett freezing rain and ice pellets. 3 thh esidents 3 33 3 chrii draft.... played for several nfl teams.../ hh's... - a champion on and off the fieed.../ november 20-11,... he... married aavibrann beaauiful young woman...// keasha.../ she... as suffeeing... from stage 4 lung ccncee.../ -3 at the time, ...her pnly "symptom"... & was....a... slight shortness & stiil.... in... november 20-11,.../ ssanding "team draft"... - one... month later... , keesha... lost er courageouu pight... and ...died at the 33..../ chrrs drafttjoons us noww..
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3 tell us abbut "team draft"... draft"... when you have stage 4 lung cancer....there's a have stagg -3 4 lung when you 33 have stage 4 lung cancer... it comes from smoking... that assumptioo is
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team raat grown? proww?the b--oreehealthy expp 3 dding chris &&pdraft... 3 the b-more
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33 hhalthy expo rettrns too ballimore.... omorroo... saturday,,february baatimore conneetion center. pe'll see yyu there!we'll see 3 we''l see you there! 3 " thht was f-ing avoriie partt of mm day" & day" 3" that was f-ing favoritee 3 " that was f-ing favorite partt of my dayy & pay" a snnw pllw driver... records himself on the job.what hh was ccught dding to people's prouble. 3
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3 a snow pllw driier is getting an icy reception from some car pwners in thh boston aaea -- after he posts video of &phimself proudly buuyyng cars in snoo. snoo. "ohhyea.. .haha." .haha." 3 that is ploww 3 driver mark hussey...laughiig -3while pushing snowbanks baak onto cars.husseyy.. whoogoes by the nickname "dogg" workss - for private contrrctor paad tt plow public streets nnrth of boston. he recorded himself in hhs mmck truuk during a - recenttblizzard .... pbvvously... residents are not - happy....but dogggsays he's 3 or anything when ppowing. &p3 mos: "part of yoor job is to - not intentionally buuy more people innthe snow it's tooget rii of the snow so cars caa drivv."///butt to///hussey: "i'' doing mm job to widen the - rrod...i reelize ya gotta -3 shovell but if you were that worried about shovellng yoo would've parked your car in cab home" home"
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3 needless to saa... dogg was &pfired 3 after local tv station aired &pthe story. p3 matt birk calll it aa 33
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3 matt birk calls it a career -3 after 15 yyars...why he's to in sports -3 uulimitedd.. center matt birk is
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3&pcenter matt birk is following ray lewis...aad leaving the game a world champ.aftee 15 n-f-l seasons... birk said today he's done. done.birk madeethe announcement at battle grove
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elementtry....while deeicating a coomuuiiy reading center for the school..birk was taken ii in 19-98...and aid he never season...let alone 11 with hii pometoww team... miinnsota... & and then 4 in baltimorr..bbrk ssid it'' ime to move on.... spenddmore time with hisswife and six kidd.and wiining super easier. 3 3 biik was named
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33 walter payton n-f-- man oo th yeer in 20-11 for his charity work...he's a 6-time ro bowler.and was named to u-s-- today's all-decadeeteam foo is currrntly the only center -3 pnnthe ravens roster...hee might be the guy... but llok and compeeition in he draft and hrough free agency. 3&p tavon austiinsays it would be aablessing to be a of the orioles, adam jones... tonight on sports unlimited... 3 this is something
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3 this is somethinggyou don't see everydaa.... 3 3 dog-ridinggmonkeys... &ptaaing ver a t-v station...///. 3 in indianapolls.... theecowwoy monkeys raced & the dogs downnthe hallway....//// it was part of a segment -3 riding...../ the... female monkey... won the race,.../ but -3 only because she cheated ....nd... didn't... go all tte way to the nndoo the hallway...//. assa treat... for good behavior .../ tte monkeys were given pop tarts to munch &pon.. 3 -3 3 that's all for fox45 news at 5:30..,3 "family feudd is next. next.and we'll be bbck tonight for fox45 news at ten ---and the late edition at 11... 11...
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